Our Story

We’re local community members that grew up in Central Indianapolis and attended IPS schools. We knew that there is a food desert in Indianapolis so we wanted to develop a better way to create amazing tasting, clean greens, micro greens and herbs. We did not have the access to inherit acres of land nor the logistics to move thousands of gallons of water. Therefore we invested in a Hydroponic farms to advance Urban Agriculture in order to solve the food desert crisis and provide hyper local foods to our customers

The Beginning

New Age Provisions LLC was started on January 15, 2018. We spent a while defining the market opportunity and creating our business plan prior to engaging in farming. By January 2020, we had enough information and funding to acquire our first Hydroponic farming technology. We turned an old used car lot into an Urban Farm. We are now located at 3415 East 10th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46201

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the freshest vegetables. Herbs, and oils to local consumers at a competitive price. We do this by using the latest hydroponic farming technology that is easy to operate 365 days a year.  This results in a farming system that is a sustainable and provides a solution for our local food deserts.

New Age Provisions Farms Received Their Greenery - June 2020

New Age Provisions Farms will soon be growing fresh herbs, leafy greens, lettuces, vegetables, and cannabis with their Greenery container farm. Their farm is located in east Indianapolis, a location that has historically been a food desert, but owner and operator DeMario Vitalis hopes to change that.

Unboxing: A Look Inside the Greenery When It's Delivered

New Age Provisions Farms owner, DeMario Vitalis, shows how the Greenery container farm is delivered completely ready to start farming.